Dr. Anil Kumar Anal, as Lead Resource Person for the Trainings on “Innovative Food and Beverage Product Development” and “Innovations in Agribusiness Management”

Dr. Anil Kumar Anal was invited and he served as Lead Resource Person for two of the International Training Program on “Innovative Food and 

Beverage Product Development” during 1-8 April and “Innovations in Agribusiness” during 4-8 June in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The trainings were organized by Nepal Agribusiness Innovation Centre (NABIC) and attended by more than 40 entrepreneurs as well as 12 food technologists, researchers and academicians.

The training provided the broader knowledge of generation of innovative ideas of new product development as well as the production/ processing safer food and beverage products using local resources including high value traditional foods of Nepal and ideas to launch for global market.

It was a pleasure to learn and see the enthusiasm and willingness to adopt new technologies by Nepalese Agri-food entrepreneurs.