Dr. Oleg Shipin represented AIT in the Philippines attending two important international environmental surveillance events: (i) NASA meeting “Land Cover/Land Use Changes (LCLUC) and Impacts on the Environment in South/Southeast Asia”, 28-31 May 2018 in Manila (organized by the University of the Philippines), and (ii) International Seminar ‘Capacity Building on Environmental Surveillance & Management’, 21-27 May 2018 organised by the local university in Cebu City.

Increased Land Cover/Land Use Change in the region is disrupting and perturbing atmosphere, forest resources, biodiversity, regional climate, biogeochemical cycles, water resources and other ecosystem services. The purpose of these international events was to provide a forum to discuss LCLUC and its impacts, with the aim to review the availability, potential and limitations of different data sources and methodologies for the monitoring and the study of LCLUC, and quantification and its impact on the environment. The meeting was organized around the following themes: LCLUC and impacts on the atmosphere; Agriculture and water resources, Biomass burning, including land-atmosphere interactions; Urbanization Land use in forests and mountain regions; Land use in coastal zones.