Eighth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific was held on 9-12 April, 2018, at Indore, India. More than 400 delegates from 41 countries participated in this important regional 3R event. Prof. C. Visvanathan was invited by the Indian government and UNCRD, and he was asked to prepare the working paper for the Plenary Session 2, on “The 3R and Clean Water – the role of the Circular Economy in Reducing Water Pollution”. His presentation mainly focused on importance of local government bodies in the direction of minimizing use of water, and linking it to the SDG goals. This presentation was covered in the national newspaper, “The Times of India”. He also coordinated the Country Breakout Group 4. In addition, “State of the 3Rs in Asia and the Pacific Report” was launched during this event, and Prof. Visu was one of the advisory committee member of this regional report preparation task force. This report provides an expert assessment of 3R policy progress at country level. Through this 3R forum participation, Prof. Visu is planning to explore the possibility to link AIT’s research initiatives on Urban Resilience and Water Security at AIT.