You are cordially invited to a seminar by Prof. Deepak Sharma, Director of the Center for Energy policy (CEP) and Associate Dean (International), in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.


Date     :           Tuesday, 9th January 2018 Time    :            11:00 AM –  12 Noon
Venue  :           S-101, SERD Seminar Room


Humanity is presently faced with several global challenges, for example, climate change, resource scarcity, income equalities, urbanization, infrastructure provision, mistrust of polity, democracy-deficit, distributive injustice, and human-machine fusion! A satisfactory redress of these challenges will require mature public policy discourses that are informed by the intertwined and context-specific nature of these challenges, and supported by mechanisms (decision processes, implementation strategies, management practices) that provide adequate articulation for, and balanced and judicious resolution of, the diverse and ever evolving (pecuniary and non-pecuniary, near-and- longer-term) interests of the broad cross-sections of society.

The current public policy discourses to redress these challenges are siloed in their essence – underscored by a-historicism, disciplinary-orientation, technological-determinism and methodological-reductionism. They are therefore unlikely to be able to provide the required redress. But provide such a redress we must as the consequences of non-action could be (indeed, likely to be) significant, possibly – catastrophic. The task of redressing the challenges will therefore stretch the limits of human ingenuity!

This presentation will put forward a perspective on how AIT could re-occupy its traditional space, namely, to provide thought leadership on contemporary challenges – thorough contributing to, infact – shaping, the public policy discourses on these challenges and providing pragmatic and responsible responses to redress them.