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What our students say

"After an almost two years of AIT life, the one thing is making me delightful its about AIT’s leaving environment as well as its landscape setting and also at the same its providing lots of memorable times with foreign friends, hope that will never be ended from my heart. Getting scope to enjoy the different moment with my son “roudro” with his non-countable inventions. Miss You AIT, Miss You a lot."

Mr. Mustiafiz Al Mamun (May 2016)

Urban Environment Management

"AIT is a wonderful place for exploring new challenges of undergraduate- and graduated-students. There are many opportunities and good competitions for us to seek more academic experiences along with the professional supports from international staff members. Therefore, I would like to thank you all teachers, colleagues and friends for giving me this wonderful period and memories during my master study at AIT."

Mr. Suphamid Sriwattanachai (May 2016)

Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology

"In AIT, the greatest lesson I learned out of the books is to accept the fact that there are differences among god’s best creation as well, but despite these differences everyone here is directed by one common goal towards serving humanity and to make this planet a better place to live for all. Three things will always come to my mind when I remember AIT, the uniqueness in diversity, the strength in unity and the legacy of excellence. May it be remembered for what it is, in days to come."

Mr. Lavaraj Devkota (May 2016)

Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology

"AIT (my first home in Thailand) –a great miracle for me, I got colorful experience not only for the academic but also for my social life. I stayed happily with my lovely friends from different countries. Although we have different culture, different languages and different religion, we could share our feelings. I will never forget the great campus also."

Ms. Wutyi Naing (May 2016)

Environmental Engineering and Management

"I remember the day when I really appreciate my mom the most while I am in AIT. She is illiterate. She speaks no language. She does not know what the world is. She is physically poor, but not spiritually. BUT she could manage to send me to AIT for my PhD. She owns the world I have and she deserves it. I love you my MOM."

Mr. Sam Chanthy (May 2016)

Natural Resources Management

"At first, I would like to send my gratitude to Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) for allowing me to pursue my master degree program in such an unforgettable academic way. Secondly, without supports from all professors in my UEM field, friends and family, all of this would not be happened. At last, I will remember every single moment and keep it as an incredible journey that I have ever been through."

Mr. Muniroth Nou (May 2016)

Urban Environmental Management

"Studying two years in AIT as a master student makes me ready to learn more things."

Mr. Hang Dal (May 2015)


"It is my honor to leave the memorable message. My name is Lai Nguyen Huy from Vietnam and a member of Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Management. Last two year was my unforgettable memory about AIT. At here, it was a good chance for making friends all over the world, guiding by many reputable professors. I hope that AIT will become stronger and stronger."

Mr. Lai Nguyen Huy (May 2015)

Environmental Engineering and Management

"I came to AIT as a student and will be leaving as a human and that’s the experience I gained while studying at AIT. While I had great academic sessions at AIT, AIT also gave me the opportunity to share my life with diversified people, understand various cultures and to live life. I must thank everyone for their contribution to make my life more meaningful here and life ahead. I will miss everything about this lovely place."

Ms. Manisha Anand (May 2015)

Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology

"It was delightful to have spent almost two years in a congenial environment like AIT where I got an opportunity to mix with multi-cultural people from different parts of the world. I am very much proud to be an alumnus today and blissful being a graduate from this institution. Hope the knowledge and experiences, I have gained from AIT can be practiced for the wellbeing of my family, nations and the globe as well."

Mr. Anishur Rahman (May 2015)

Natural Resources Management

"I feel proud to be a student of AIT. AIT is not only an educational institution but also home of moral excellence and factory of career development, where every associate can enjoy with their potentials. I found AIT is a home like a family, club for friendship, career center for professionals, care and support for need. Now I am proudly saying I am a family member of AIT."

Mr. Uddhav Guragain (May 2015)

Gender and Development Studies

"LIFE has changed dramatically for two years in AIT, from academic life to professionals and yet thousand miles to walk. I grow up with all the fun and peace that one can have. Smiling for every moment I lived and sometimes depressing of work, but I loved my academic life in AIT. I am so happy to pass through all these phases of life and seeing myself developed as a confident individual. I thank all my friends who have been with me till now and will remain forever. Whether in my memories or in my meetings. "

Mr. Sim Chheko (May 2015)

Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology

"I shall always be thankful to the Lord, for adding this most beautiful chapter in my life, which I spent in AIT during my masters. AIT is that ‘temple’ where I lived my first hostel life, explored my own hidden potentials and could turned into a self-depend personality. The ‘wonderful’ memories attached with AIT which begins from its classroom to all different enlightening activities, shall be cherished for lifelong."

Ms. Minakshi Pant (May 2015)

Agri-business Management

Life in SERD

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Since 1959, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand has been one of Asia’s leading higher learning institutes focusing on critical global issues through advanced higher education, research, capacity building and outreach. AIT is world’s joint top rank in international orientation – according to u-multirank’s 2015 institutional ranking. AIT is also awarded 5-star rating by QS world ranking for internationalization, teaching and facility. The School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) at AIT responds to regional needs by mobilizing and enhancing capacities for socially, economically, and environmentally sound development in partnerships with public and private sector enterprises.


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