Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Ul Islam Dar
“When I received Scholarship for Ph.D from My University, I was allowed to seek admission in any of the Universities in the world. When I heard about AIT, its multicultural environment, excellence in research and academia, I decided to get admission in AIT/SERD (NRM). Now I am a proud AITian and feel my decision was right.”
Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Ul Islam Dar- Assistant Professor,The Department of Botany,University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan

Ms. Saykham Thammanosouth
“The best memories I have of my college days are linked to AIT/SERD. AIT gave me opportunity to interact and have friends from around the globe. Thank you AIT for the networks I have all around.”
Ms. Saykham Thammanosouth- Division of Advancement Women, Secretariat Office, MPWT(Lao PDR)

Dr.Nisha Onta
“GDS program helped me understand the issue of Gender and Development in the context of Asia. GDS/SERD also provided opportunity to network by attending various regional and international conferences and seminars in Bangkok and other countries. It provided me with in-depth research skills and practical knowledge which I can apply in my current job.”
Dr.Nisha Onta- Knowledge Management Coordinator at women’s led INGO, WOCAN

Miss. Khin Mar Myo
“My life in AIT has been wonderful and I have learnt a lot. Beside regular studies and assignment, AIT/SERD has taught me how to interact and work in group comprising of international members. I shall always remember the wonderful days spent there with friends and faculty members.”
Miss. Khin Mar Myo- Deputy staff in Land Use Department, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar

Mr. Sumitha Sumanaweera
Mr. Sumitha Sumanaweera, an alumnus of M.Eng. (EEM 2004), Sri Lankan nationality, has been appointed as Deputy General Manager, Corporate Planning, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka.

After graduated from AIT in 2004, he returned to Sri Lanka and developed water treatment unit operation modules for conventional water treatment for scheme capacities 500 cum/day to 2000 cum/day with smaller foot print and shorter construction period. He also introduced reverse osmosis water treatment to community affected with Chronic Kidney Failure of Unknown Etiology. He was responsible for developing and implementing programs to educate on ‘Water Safety Plans’ implementation in Sri Lanka.

His current responsible is related to policies and activities related to disaster management and climate change resilience.

Mr. Sumitha Sumanaweera- Deputy General Manager, Corporate Planning National Water Supply & Drainage Board Galle Road, Ratmalana Sri Lanka