Dr. Oleg Shipin attended The WLE Greater Mekong Forum in Yangon on 24-27 October, 2017

Attendance of the WLE Greater Mekong Forum in Yangon and flood mitigation related EIA research

Dr. Oleg Shipin, as a participant of the CGIAR the project MK25 Developing an operational framework for river health assessment in the Mekong River Basin” and jointly with the project team colleagues from WEM (incl. Prof M. Babel and Dr. Victor Shinde), attended the WLE Greater Mekong Forumin Yangon, Myanmar, and presented the scientific aspect of the project dealing with ecological river health parameters proposed for local communities in the lower Songhkhram river basin (NE Thailand) on 24-27 October 2017. The presentation was followed up by field survey of the Lower Ayeyarwady river basin with a review of current flooding patterns relevant to MSc research undertaken by my students in Myanmar and Thailand (28-30 October).Oleg presenting Yangon Myanmar 27.10.2017 Mekong River Forum