1. Department of Food, Agriculture & Bioresources( ABM, ASE, AARM, and FEBT degree programs and UG program)

  • Department Head: Dr Anil K Anal.
  • Contact Details:anilkumar@ait.asia, FAB-HoD@ait.asia


2. Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Change (Energy, EEM, CCSD, EB, and UWEM degree programs)

  • ​Department Head: Dr Shobhakar Dhakal
  • Contact Details: shobhakar@ait.asia, EECC-HoD@ait.asia


3. Department of Development & Sustainability (GDS, NRM, RRDP, UEM, and DPMM degree programs)

  • Department Head: Prof Kyoko Kusakabe
  • Contact Details: kyoko@ait.asia, DS-HoD@ait.asia