Dr. Indrajit Pal of DPMM visits Kathmandu, Nepal for Regional Earthquake Recovery Dialogue for Building Back Better from 1-2 October 2015

In the aftermath of catastrophic Nepal Earthquake of 2015, DPMM was actively involved in several activities through it expertise. As we are aware that Nepal recovery process is going on in the short, medium and long term perspectives with the multiple funding agencies. UNESCAP Bangkok is playing a major role in the entire recovery and reconstruction process for Building Back Better Nepal.

UNESCAP, Bangkok invited and sponsored Dr. Indrajit Pal, DPMM as one of the panel member and deliver a lecture on the topic “Capacity Development Challenges in Nepal”. The Regional Earthquake Recovery Dialogue in Kathmandu, Nepal provided us the opportunity to promote the potential of DPMM / AIT for contribution to the Recovery through capacity development in terms of training, short term courses on DRR related aspects, professional courses, pilot research projects etc.

Dr. Pal also circulated the DPMM, SERD and SET brochure as a part of the promotional activities during his visit at the workshop.

Vice-chairman and members of the Nepal Planning Commission expressed their interests for short term training for senior decision makers at AIT on Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction.

Initial email has already been sent to Member, Nepal Planning Commission. DPMM is preparing a proposal for short term training for NPC officers and will share it with NPC by first week of November, 2015 to proceed further.