An applicant must apply to only one of the academic programs leading to the degree of Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master in Agribusiness Management, Executive Master and Professional Master; Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor in Agribusiness Management and Professional Doctorate. No applicant is admitted to more than one academic program at a time.

English Language Requirement

AIT is an international institute and English is the sole language of instruction. Therefore, all applicants must demonstrate an ability to write acceptable academic and technical prose in English. Students with scores lower than the AIT Requirement of 6 to enter and graduate, are admitted with conditions. Students who have not attained the minimal level of proficiency will not be allowed to graduate. There are three ways to satisfy the AIT English requirements.

  • Official Test Score Submit an official test scores. The tests approved for admission and minimum scores accepted are listed below. Test scores are valid for only two years.
AIT English Entry Test  (AIT-EET)  6*TOEFL - paper based
TOEFL - computer based
CEFR (Europe)B2CET - 4 (China)560

*Writing and to qualify for scholarship an overall score of 6

  • Exemption Applicants who are citizens of and have been educated in an English-speaking country (e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) are exempted. Proof of citizenship and studies must be submitted.
  • Certificate of English Medium Instruction Applicants who have earned a degree at a university at which English is the sole medium of instruction, may submit a document signed by the university Registrar attesting to English medium instruction. Applicants who submit a certificate are requested to sit the AIT Academic Writing Test upon arrival to determine their level of proficiency on AIT scale.
  • NOTE: Not all test of English or English-medium schools meet AIT standards. Therefore AIT reserves the right to require any student admitted to take the AIT Academic Writing test to validate their level of proficiency on the AIT Scale. Those who score below 6 on AIT Test will be admitted with conditions. See the following table.


Students with scores 5 and 5.5 on the AIT Test (or an equivalent score) will be required to attend English writing courses until they pass the English course – Academic and Technical Writing with a grade of ‘C’ or higher.  Students with score below 6 at time of expected graduation will not be allowed to graduate.


If your English writing score is 4.5 at the time of application, you should attend an 8-week Bridging Program at the AIT Language Center prior to enrolling for your degree program courses. Your English score will be reassessed at the end of the Bridging Program (for cost and dates see http://www.languages.ait.asia/bridging-program). You may choose to study English elsewhere, but you must have an entry score of at least 5.0 upon admission.


If your English writing score is 5.0 at the time of admission, you are required to follow the conditions during your study period until your score improves to 5.5 or higher: (1) You must attend the course EL15-Intermediate English Composition for 3 hours each week. (2) You will be allowed to register for a maximum of 12 credits per semester. (3) Pay 3,000 baht per semester as English course fee.


If your English writing score is 5.5, at the time of admission, you are required to follow the conditions during your study period until you attain a score of 6. (1) You are required to attend the course EL19-AIT Academic and Technical Writing. (2) Pay 3,000 baht per semester as English course fee.


  *  To be admitted without enrollment restrictions and mandatory EL course registration, you must improve your writing score before the January and August semester. To do that, you may register for an 8-week Language Center course running 1 November – 23 December 2016 for January 2017 semester, or 6 June – 29 July 2017 for the August 2017 semester (for cost and details see http://www.languages.ait.asia/bridging-program)./) 

   **  All students must score 6.0 or higher on the AWPT (Officially accepted equivalent) before they can enroll for thesis/dissertation credit, or graduate from AIT (some programs that do not offer degrees may be excluded from this requirement).

The AIT Language Center conducts two types of tests: the AIT English Entry Test (AIT EET) for applicants to AIT, and the AIT Writing Placement Test (AWPT) for enrolled students to update and validate their English writing proficiency scores.
For information on the AIT-EET kindly click http://www.languages.ait.asia/
Interested test-takers can call +662-524-6623 or send an email to lctesting@ait.ac.th