International Aquaculture Training series – 5 Innovative shrimp production technologies – Biofloc, Biomimicry & Biological farming on 23 – 28 May 2016

Intensive Training program on Innovative shrimp production technologies – Biofloc, Biomimicry & Biological farming, organised by AARM, AIT from 23 – 28 May 2016.

Course Duration: 6 working days from 23 – 28 May 2016

Course Venue is AIT Conference Centre (AITCC) Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Deadline for Registration: Before 30 April 2016.

Resource persons:

Prof. Yoram Avnimelech: Prof. Yoram Avnimelech’s name is synonymous with Biofloc Technology. He developed novel technologies of intensive fish and shrimp systems, based on the control of the microbial system in the pond. He presently heads the Aquaculture Engineering Society (AES) Working Group on Biofloc Technology, and wrote the book Biofloc Technology: A Practical Guide Book (2012 & 2014) published by the WAS. He served as a Board member of AES and presently is Director in WAS Board of Directors, chairing the Membership and Promotion Committee.

Dr. Nyan Taw: Dr. Nyan Taw has made significant contributions to development of Shrimp Biofloc technology, and is currently Consultant for World Bank-funded CRSD project in Vietnam. He was former GM of Blue Archipelago Bhd, Malaysia; CTA for FAO projects and SVP/VP of integrated shrimp farming companies (Dipasena & CPB) in Indonesia. He has published and presented over 80 papers, authored a book on prawn culture in Burma (1984) and recently co-authored a chapter in the book, Biofloc Technology: A Practical Guide Book.

Dr. Chalor Limsuwan from Kasetsart University, Thailand is one of the most well-known and practical shrimp farming experts in Thailand. His shrimp BMPs and health management protocols are applicable to most of the world’s shrimp farming regions.

Mr. Veerasun Prayotamornkul of Thai Organic shrimp farming Group is a great proponent of Biomimicry concept that is successfully practiced in shrimp farms of Thailand and Vietnam. This concept is spreading fast to other parts of the world as a means of producing disease-free shrimp.

Dr. Krishna R Salin from Asian Institute of Technology with his experience in the organic shrimp aquaculture movements that are spreading in many parts of the world will share the successes of organic black tiger shrimp farming and hatchery production technologies.

Topics covered in this Workshop are:

  • Biofloc Technology – Basic concepts and principles
  • Management of microbial communities in Biofloc farming systems
  • Intensive farming of fish in Biofloc systems
  • Biofloc technology in shrimp farming – Principles and practices
  • Biofloc shrimp farm design and construction
  • Shrimp farming practices – Complete and semi-biofloc systems
  • Indoor shrimp farming systems
  • Health management in shrimp farming
  • Biofloc as Biosecurity in shrimp farms
  • Biofloc system management scenarios
  • Economics of Biofloc Technology
  • BMPs in Shrimp Farming; major shrimp diseases and preventive measures
  • Biomimicry: Key to Sustainable Shrimp Farming
  • Organic Shrimp Farming and Hatchery production: Concepts, techniques, and Certification

Field visit will be arranged to a successful shrimp farm in Thailand to learn advanced production facilities.

More details of the Workshop can be obtained from:

Dr. Krishna R. Salin
Course Director
Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management (AARM)
Asian Institute of Technology
Ph: +66 2524 5489 (Admin Secy.) +66 2524 5452 (Dir.) 2524 6200 (Fax)
+66 888 469664 (Cell)

More details can be found in this pdf flier.