Presentation by Professor Visu in the “Global Dialogue on Technology for Resilient Cities” organized by UNEP, Osaka, Japan

Prof. Visu was invited to participate in the “Global Dialogue on Technology for Resilient Cities”  organized by  UNEP, International Environmental Technology Centre, Osaka, Japan  from  17-19 October, 2017. The importance of urban resilience and climate resilience  though adopting and developing  technology was highlighted  in  this global dialogue. Education, awareness and capacity building for resilient cities, was one of the 6 parallel session conducted in the meeting.  The objective of this session was to share the experiences on education, awareness and capacity building approaches related to resilient cities and to discuss innovation and explore partnerships. In this session, Prof. Visu  made the lead presentation on “Academic Curriculum on Holistic Waste Management”.   During this presentation he presented the lead role AIT is playing in development of the 33 credit course curriculum developed for the Professional Masters program on Holistic Waste Management with 6 University consortium.  This course curriculum  and teaching materials are available at: