Seminar on “Green Mega Urban for Transit Oriented Development” organized by AIT in partnership with University of Indonesia (UI), 21 October 2015

Seminar on “Green Mega Urban for Transit Oriented Development” organized by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in partnership with University of Indonesia (UI) 21st October 2015 at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.


A number of large cities in developing countries are getting urbanized rapidly. But this rapid urbanization comes with a cost that the cities are often not well planned and are highly energy consumptive in nature, moreover it has negative impacts in the form of traffic congestion, air pollution, green- house gas emission and so on. Many cities in Southeast Asia including Jakarta Metropolitan Area (JMA) in Indonesia and Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA) in Thailand face similar problems related with land use, transport, and environment, generated by urbanization.

In this context, the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is introduced which means managing urban growth in transit corridor which has characteristics of mixed land use, compact, walking distance, and development focused around public transit area. TOD combines increased ridership of mass transit as well as non-motorized transportation.

Therefore, Urban Environmental Management (UEM) Program under Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in collaboration with Environmental Science Program under University of Indonesia (UI), has taken up the initiative to conduct a research on the topic of ‘Green Mega Urban for Transit Oriented Development’ which aims to comparatively study the Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA) and Jakarta Metropolitan Area (JMA) in terms of their population growth, land use, urban sprawl, transportation, and environmental dynamics. The purpose of this research is to find causes of the problems related to traffic and transport behaviours between JMA and BMA, and to figure out how the transit oriented development could work to deal with it.

Objectives of the Seminar

  1. To share relevant concepts and experiences in relation to urban development and TOD with focus on developing countries.
  2. To identify relevant policies and practices as well as issues in BMA which could be compared to those of JMA concerning the opportunities and risks of adopting TOD.

Approach and Methodology

The seminar will be 3 and a half hours long and with mixed sessions of presentations and discussions.


The seminar will gather approximately 25 participants, including faculty and students from AIT, researchers and official staff from UI, and urban practitioners.

Program Schedule

Time Topics/Activities Speakers Moderators
13:00-13:10 Opening and introduction Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon, AIT  
13:10-14:10 Green Mega Urban for TOD Project and  Preliminary Study Result for Jakarta Metropolitan Area Dr. Raldi Hendro Koestoer and Dr. Hayati Sari Hasibuan, UI Dr. Sohee  Kim, AIT
14:10-14:30 Development and Institutions of Bangkok Metropolitan Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon, AIT
14:30-15:00 Break    
15:00-15:30 Transportation Problems and Green Solutions for Bangkok Dr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth, AIT Dr. Hayati Sari Hasibuan, UI
15:30-16:00 A Study of TOD for Bangkok Dr. Duangporn Prasertsubpakij, AIT
16:00-16:30 Discussions and ways forward AIT and UI  

Venue : Room S101, AIT, Khlong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand.