Trip Report: Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul to Belgium

Trip Report: Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul

The 4th TORUS Workshop, Belgium: March 27-30, 2017

 Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul participated in the fourth Toward an Open Resources using Service (TORUS) project workshop on “Cloud Computing for Water Science and Water Management” during March 27-31, 2017 in Brussel, Belgium.

The workshop was organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and attended by project partners in Europe, Vietnam, and Thailand. During the workshop, Dr. Ekbordin attended the OPENWATER SYMPOSIUM which showcased the use of cloud computing for environmental modeling and data management applications around the World. Dr. Ekbordin also attended the project status update meeting on the application of the air pollution modeling on the cloud computing, and joined the Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) training. After the workshop, Dr. Ekbordin attended the fifth TORUS steering committee meeting (in the place of Prof. N. T. Kim Oanh) to discuss current project status and future activities. The next TORUS workshop will be organized by the Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


(1)SWAT model training

(1) SWAT model training

(2)Steering committee meeting

(2) Steering committee meeting