Trip Report: Prof Visu Colombo trip on 01/06/2017

SWITCH-Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) National Policy Support Component for Sri Lanka project (NPSC) commenced in mid January 2015 is a 4-year EU funded project awarded upon the request of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment (MoMDE) as a ‘technical assistance programme’ to support strengthening the overall government policies and institutional framework for implementation of SCP practices. As part of this SWITCH Asia project, introducing SCP particularly into the formal education system of Sri Lanka is of paramount importance for promoting sustainable consumption and production habits. A validation workshop for the draft report of SCP Educational Plan Programme was held on Tuesday 30th May 2017 at Colombo with the participation of key stakeholders. During this workshop, Prof. C. Visvanathan, was invited to present, the “Situation Analysis of SCP related Education at the International Level”, and discuss the SCP education plan report.